Dodson Specialty Equipment - Dollies and Jacks

What type of dollies does your mover have and use? This is the first question you should ask them.

Dodson house Moving owns many different types of dollies (wheels) to help in the transportation of your house with the least amount of damage imposed on your structure.

The old way of moving structures is on pan dollies with no form of suspension. When these dollies are used today, they offer no suspension to reduce the stress to your home resulting in damaged homes and cracked sheetrock.

Dodson House Moving was the first company to own a set of air-ride dollies in Texas and now has many at our disposal. These dollies help with providing a cushion of air for your home to ride on safely and securely.

Dodson also has the only set of hydraulic steerable "Gator" dollies in Texas. These dollies allow Dodson to move structures lower to the ground without cutting roofs or buildings in half.

These are just a few examples of the dollies Dodson has at our disposal to move your structure with no damage. When you receive your bids from movers remember to ask what type of dollies will be used on your home, and how they will ensure their equipment will reduce that occurs damage in transit.

Does your mover have the right tools for your job?

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